Daniel Hedden. Big Sur, CA. March 2014. 35mm. 

Big Sur, CA. Spring ‘14 (3/3)

Final installment of time spent up north: Daniel Hedden, my younger brother. He’s got twice the power in his carves and ability to attract ladies. A real stand up fella- equipped with a flip phone and quality handshake that’ll blow your social networking outta the water. 

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt

No that’s Robin

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Artist: Henry Gassner

Location: Rebel Image Tattoo, Rio Grande, NJ

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Disney’s Peter Pan (1953)

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Embodiment: A Portrait of Queer Life in America
Molly Landreth

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Costa Rica Covered in Flower Pedals | Nick Meek | Via

Worldwide advertising agency mccann has commissioned photographer Nick Meek to visualize the images for the campaign of sony‘s new 4k TV, a monitor which promises four times the detail of full high definition. The team flew to the colorful tropics of costa rica, where they collected thousands of lush, vibrant botanical life — like multicolored flower petals and leaves — for more than two weeks. These materials would become the fundamental medium for the project: to illustrate the excellence in focus, the petals were blown and exploded throughout the island landscape, whirled through the prismatic suburban streets, blasted out from a neighboring volcano, and blanketed on a pathway where a young skateboarder drifts past. the detailed vistas, which describe the extreme caliber of sony’s new device, are so sharp and clear that the viewer is immediately enveloped in the hyper-realism.

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i want this framed and above my bed tbh

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